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ICU – PICU – CCU Ambulance Service

ICU ambulance or Life Support Ambulance services are for Critical Patients who actually need an Emergency Ambulance in Day or Night at very reasonable rates in Dhaka, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Chittagong or another place. After all, the whole country provides our ambulance services. Lamyea Ambulance Services providing 24 Hour emergency ambulance systems with medically equipped and enabled features. It’s reliable for long distance Inter-Facility Transfers.


  • An Emergency Ambulance in one phone call.
  • An ambulance with oxygen, ventilator, Syringe pumps, Medical kits, Suction kit, Oxygen therapy – re-breathing circuit.
  • More Availability of Medical experts.
  • Any critical patients transformed from one state to another with the best Air ambulance service.


ICU Ambulance service is one of the most prominent service providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Basically, We provide our best to save the life of the patient by providing speedy service on reasonable rates. On the other hand, If you need more emergency service, then you can hire our Air Ambulance services. It will be faster than ground ambulance services.

For instance, Our life support Ambulance, NICU Ambulance service is the most cost effect and economical medical facility to the critically ill common man or to accident patient. We provide lifesaving medicines and salts, infusions and possibly first aid given on the way in an ambulance. Our aim is to save the life of the patient by giving them early medication.

Moreover, our ambulance services are open for 24 hours and all days to give a prompt reply to each and every call. For instance, This service is officially just a call away whether a patient is coming by Airplane, or by road. After all. we are always on toes to reach in the shortest span of time. Our motives the sensitivity of the work that we can save the life of the patient.

Look at  a glance

  • We are always working or the betterment of humanity.
  • We know to run in all directions of Dhaka day and night at a very affordable price.
  • Our ambulance services fully medically equipped with all features like cardiac life support ambulance, infusion pumps, modern ventilators and ICU facility, lifesaving medicines, and also provide first aid to the patient.

However, our service appreciated by all leading hospitals as we provided committed quality and economical rates which has made us the most trusted brand in areas of the whole country.

  • Emergency medical service with precautions measures.
  • Most sophisticated medical equipment for patients.
  • Cardiac ambulance service for a patient coming by road, air.
  • Economical cost with a wide range of facilities
  • We are working for all 365 days and 24 hours to service common people.
  • Speedy service in all areas of the whole country.
  • Air ambulance available.
  • Fare and affordable charges and there are no hidden charges.
  • Best medical team working with us to serve the best services.
  • Shifting patients from one hospital to another for further quality treatment.

Trust On Our Services

We said that Life is more precious, So we need to respect the fact that the very life of the human being is more connected with one another and to make sure it possible. Lamyea ambulance service provides you lifesaving experience.

We always try to generate a good relationship with our customers or our client. Cause Your satisfaction is our first priority.

We are available 24 Hours in Dhaka or Anywhere. Just stay connect with us.