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Freezing Ambulance Service

Freezing ambulance service particularly dead body carrier ambulance that sustained a dead body intact for a long time. On the other hand, freezing ambulance keeps the dead body free from viruses, bacteria or gems attacked for several days too long hours.

Our Freezer Van used for those People who want to show their relatives within the intact dead body. That is why they can make sure to rent our freezer van service for a long time. For instance, sometimes the dead body comes from abroad and they need to stay more than 12 hours before buried.


  • Our freezing ambulance has freezer box and body shape is built with facilities which can carry the coffin.
  • We have different sizes of the box according to the size of a dead body.
  • Basically, this type of ambulance has (-6°) to (-10°) degree temperature for refrigerating a dead body.
  • In addition, we always stored fuel so that the ambulance engines will never stop. Because we know there is a lack of diesel pump in the village area.

Lamyea Freezing Ambulance anybody can be refrigerating the dead body according to his wishes. If you want to get another vehicle for relative transportation. Then we will serve to you HIACE/NOAH car. For this fact, You have to pay an extra fare rate for hire a vehicle. No need to get out a dead body in freezer van. Anyone can see the body by sliding an ambulance window.


Trust On Our Services

We want to inform you that our freezer ambulance is buying directly from Japan. All of our quality cars are kept clean with Revlon and date.

We always try to generate a good relationship with our customers or our client. Cause Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Rental Information

  • Freezing ambulance fare is a little bit higher than a general ambulance like AC Ambulance or NON AC Ambulance.
  • Generally, we take 8k to 10k Taka within 100 KM distance from picking the place of the dead body and 800 Taka per hour for waiting for a charge of the freezing ambulance. Basically, Remote distance rent will be more.
For example, From Dhaka International Airport to Chittagong city, the fare rate will be 20,000 Taka.

We are available 24 Hours in Dhaka or Anywhere. Just stay connect with us.