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We realize that you lead a busy life, so we’ve made it easy for you to hire ambulance services available 24/7 hours in Bangladesh.

Our Mission - What we do

We offer all kind of ambulance service in Bagladesh.


Our ICU ambulance services provide full facilities of medical support with doctors and nurses in whole Bangladesh.


Freezing ambulance services is mainly a dead body carrier ambulance that keeps a dead body intact for a long time.


We provide Hiace AC and Non AC ambulance services ambulance Stretcher wheelchair, oxygen cylinder, and first aid box.

Service & Activity

Our main goal is to get customer satisfaction
24 Hours Available

We are available 24 hours in Dhaka & we provide our services all over Bangladesh 24/7 days.

Emergency Support

To get an ambulance service. You may call us directly or book an ambulance online.

All over Bangladesh

We provide all types of ambulance services in Bangladesh. From anywhere you may take our services.

We Provide Expert Service

Below are three types of ambulance services that we mainly provide:
ICU Ambulance

ICU ambulance service basically used for critical patients. We have several types of equipment to serve a patient with an ICU ambulance service. You may check out the equipment & service below...

 ECG monitor

 Transport Ventilators

 Suction Unit

 Infusion Syringe Pumps


 Oxygen Supply Units

 Doctor/Nurse Support

 Available ICU, PICU, CCU Ambulance

Freezer Ambulance

Lamyea ambulance service provides corpse transportation at a very affordable cost. Corpse transportation means transporting the dead body from the location of death to the funeral home or Grave. Here is some information on freezer ambulance services...

 The corpses are kept at a temperature of [-8°] Celsius

 Slide glasses specifically for viewing

 Aluminum Dead Body Carrier Ambulance Stretcher

 To Keep freezing corpse, you may use freezer ambulance for up to 15-20 hours

 Control Panel For Refrigerator

 Available 2 Passenger Seat In A Vehicle

 Coffin Box Inside

HIACE Ambulance

An AC Ambulance Service is more Comfortable and luxurious within more facilities than NON AC Ambulance Services. We are providing those ambulance services for moving a patient. Here are the services of the general ambulance...

 8 Seat Available On A Vehicle



 First Aid Box

 Oxygen Cylinder

 Emergency Medical Equipment

 Blood Pressure Monitor

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About Us

Lamyea ambulance services are one of the reliable and expedite ambulance services in Bangladesh. We specialize in the transportation of critically ill patients by life support ICU ambulance. We have many types of ambulance. Such as ICU ambulance, Air ambulance, Freezing ambulance, Hiace AC & Non AC ambulance. Our ambulance services in Dhaka is to engage in the provision of quality medical transport facilities.

  • Available In Whole Bangladesh
  • 24/7 Hours Ambulance Support
  • Special Skilled Doctors Support For ICU Ambulance
  • No Need To Extra Charge To Hire An Ambulance
  • For Booking Ambulance Just Call US
  • Bridge Toll-Free. No Charge

Ambulance Booking Process

Follow this step to get a booking for an ambulance.

Why did you choose us?

We provide ambulance services to bring a patient with the most sophisticated fair-price estimates.

Cheap Rates

We transfer a patient with the most accurate and fair-price service estimates.

Quick Response

We know ambulance is used for the critical moment. So we always stay aware of the quick response.


We always to try to serve you with better ambulance services. Your satisfaction is our motive.

What Our Clients Say

Here's what our customers have to say about Car Repair Service

Lamyea Ambulance service is one of the best ambulance services in Bangladesh. I took ICU Ambulance Service from them. The ambulance vehicle was great and also new equipment was available. 100% recomended.

Our ambulance service is a member of ezzyr. They provide the first mobile app-based ambulance services. And now we are available with their services task.

Finally, we are also a member of the national 999 emergency help desk. Our ambulance service includes also more types of govt institutes. We always try to give better ambulance services to the whole country.


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You may book an ambulance service by calling us or via this website.

Call: 01710-070011